Our Courses

Course of Studies Available

 Lapaz Community Senior High School is privileged to offer students with core subjects, General Science, General Arts, Visual Arts, Business, Linguistics and WASSCE Remedial Courses. 

General Science

Courses available to General Science students include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Elective Mathematics.


Courses available to business students include: Business Management, Elective Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Principles of Cost-Accounting, and Economics.

General Arts

Courses available to General Arts students include: Government, Literature in English, Christian Religious Studies, Economics, Geography, French, History, and Elective Mathematics.

Home Economics

Courses available include Food & Nutrition,  Management in Living, GKA, Economics and Biology.

Visual Arts

Courses available for Visual Art students include GKA, Graphics, Economics, Elective Mathematic, and Leather Work.


We offer professional courses for those seeking to increase their proficiency in English and French. Certificates are awarded on completion.

All Core Subjects

Core subjects available are English, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies for all students. 

WASSCE Remedials

We provide remedial courses for all subjects: core and elective courses. All you have to do is to choose what you want.