Welcome to Lapaz Community Senior High School

 The current success rate of our school is  unparalleled and evident in the number of its graduates who make it to the universities etc. and it is our belief that a good school must be measured by this.

Ghana's Best and Fast-Growing
Educational Institution

Our Mission

 Lapaz Community Senior High School wishes to become one of Africa’s best and fast-growing educational institutions preparing students from Senior High to gain admission into both reputable public and private universities and colleges of teaching (TTCs) and health (NTCs)

About Us

Your First Grade Assured!

 Lapaz Community Senior High School was first incorporated in 2014  and given the certificate to commence operation  with the objects of providing educational services of varied forms in accordance with The Companies Act 1962, Act 179. However, its pre-incorporation activities dates back as far as 2010.

The school currently helps hundreds of students annually to gain admission to various public universities and nursing training schools etc. The school currently operates three different schools therein, offering alternatives for all and sundry to sit for different examinations.

 The current success rate of the school is unparalleled and evident in the number of it’s graduates who make it to the universities etc. And it is our belief that a school must be measured by this.

Why Enroll at Lapaz Community Senior High School?

Highly Trained Teachers

We understand the role of teachers in the success of student's academic performance. Therefore, we provide hard-working, patient and highly competent teachers dedicated to the academic and moral success of students.

Top-Notch Educational Facilities

The best schools have the best facilities to foster and enhance a smooth learning. At Lapaz Community Senior High School, we offer students the top-notch educational facilities and a serene environment for learning.

Thousands of Happy Students

The success rate of a school is measured by the number of students that excels and becomes responsible people in society. At Lapaz Community Senior High School, we don't only ensure students get the first grade, we also prepare them for a successful tertiary education and career life.

Easy to Locate

Unlike other schools where students struggle to locate and get to the school, your wards have no need to worry. We are just opposite Nii Boi Junction, adjacent the Lapaz Traffic Light. The School is easy to locate and access to make it easy for all parents and teachers.

Hostel Facilities

If you're looking for a hostel facility, you have no need to worry. We offer a safe, and well-furnished hostel facility for all students of all levels. We provide hostel facilities for both male and female students at Accra, closer to the school.

Friendly & Serene Environment

Students have access to our friendly and serene school environment. Our teachers and staff are friendly, and your wards will have the best time at our school compound. We ensure it is neat, spacious and safe.

GEC Certified & Approved Senior High School

Course of Studies Available

 Lapaz Community Senior High School is privileged to offer students with core subjects, General Arts, Business, Visual Arts, General Science, Linguistics, WASSCE Remedial Courses. 

General Science

Courses available to General Science students include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Elective Mathematics.


Courses available to business students include: Business Management, Elective Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Principles of Cost-Accounting, and Economics.

General Arts

Courses available to General Arts students include: Government, Literature in English, Christian Religious Studies, Economics, Geography, French, History, and Elective Mathematics.

Home Economics

Courses available include Food & Nutrition,  Management in Living, GKA, Economics and Biology.

Visual Arts

Courses available for Visual Art students include GKA, Graphics, Economics, Elective Mathematic, and Leather Work.


We offer professional courses for those seeking to increase their proficiency in English and French. Certificates are awarded on completion.

All Core Subjects

Core subjects available are English, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies for all students. 

WASSCE Remedials

We provide remedial courses for all subjects: core and elective courses. All you have to do is to choose what you want. 

Our Story

” We started Lapaz Community Senior High School because we wanted to help students in Accra to get the first grades and get the top tertiary schools in Ghana. We didn’t feel okay with the unprecedented academic failures. In just a couple of years, we have changed the trend, producing scholars and students with the best grades. Lapaz Senior High School was born to offer you with the best.”

"I'm so thankful to the teachers and staff of Lapaz Senior High School for helping my younger sister get good grades in her remedial studies.”
Linda, Accra
“ What I like about this school is the dedication and the commitment the teachers give to their job. Teachers are hard working.”
Michael, Tema
“I'll say that Lapaz Senior High School is the next big thing. The success rate of their remedial students is shocking. Good job staff!”
Jude, Accra

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