Weekend WASSCE Remedial Classes Accra

Weekend WASSCE Remedial Classes In Accra

Remedial classes are great solutions for people looking to get better WASSCE grades. However, some classes are organised during the weekdays, which may not be convenient for those with jobs. While some institutions have weekend classes, you want to ensure you get a good school to help you with your learning needs. Here’s why you should choose Lapaz Community High School for your weekend remedial classes.

Weekend WASSCE Remedial Classes Accra
Weekend WASSCE Remedial Classes Accra
  • We prioritise your convenience

Taking the necessary steps to ace your upcoming examinations is commendable and should be encouraged. At the same time, it’s not ideal to quit your weekday job for classes. We understand this dilemma and have come up with our weekend remedial classes to ensure you are prepared without losing your income. Our classes are also open to those who have other activities during the weekdays or just enjoy learning during the weekends.

  • We don’t crowd our classes

We know the problems that come with an extremely large class; teachers not paying attention to their students, a generic approach to learning, and overall inadequate preparation. We don’t want this, so we ensure our classes are smaller to encourage interaction between our tutors and students. This approach will help us deliver a more personalised learning experience by addressing the unique needs of each student.

Weekend WASSCE Remedial Classes Accra
Weekend WASSCE Remedial Classes Accra
  • Our teachers are well educated and trained for the job

Learning under someone who doesn’t understand what they are teaching can be unproductive and stressful. Fortunately, this is not the case with us, as our teachers are well-educated in their respective fields and adequately trained to teach their subjects. But that’s not all! Our teachers can simplify the most complex topics so that you can understand everything you learn.

  • Our curriculum aligns with WASSCE standards

Since our goal is excellence and academic success, our curriculum is structured to align with WASSCE standards. This means we cover every topic or concept and focus on areas the students struggle with. But we don’t end here though; we also prepare our students for D-day by organising mock examinations and regular assessments to monitor their progress and identify areas that they can improve.

  • We have a relaxed and conducive learning environment

Our learning environment is serene, allowing our students to focus on their studies without dealing with noise and other interference. We also have state-of-the-art facilities such as chemistry and biology labs, workshops for our art students, and a computer lab for practicals.

Register for our weekend classes today!

You don’t have to worry if your weekdays are packed; we got you covered. Feel free to call us at +233 (0) 246496813 or Whatsapp us at +233537162405 to register for our weekend classes. You can also send an email to [email protected] for more information.



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