WASSCE past papers and solutions Accra

Utilising WASSCE Past Papers And Solutions In Accra

Practice is a key component for passing the upcoming WASSCE. Of course, going over your notes, attending remedial classes and writing mock examinations are excellent strategies. However, WASSCE past questions and solutions are helpful resources that students shouldn’t overlook. This article will shed more light into the benefits WASSCE past papers and solutions in Accra and how to utilise them effectively.

Why are WASSCE past questions important?

WASSCE past questions are simply a compilation of examinations from the previous years, along with the correct answers, and sometimes, the examiners reports. These resources are important for the following reasons.

  • You become familiar with the examination format

WASSCE format is quite different from the normal examinations conducted in secondary schools, and can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with it. But practicing with the past questions can give you an idea of what to expect so that you don’t panic on D-Day.

  • Revision becomes easier

WASSCE questions often follow a similar format each year, making revision easier and more productive. You can pair these questions with your notes for the best results.

  • You can work on your time management

WASSCE works with a limited time, and many students aren’t able to finish their papers when the time is up. But studying with past questions can help you master your time management and performance during the main examinations.

  • You can work on your weak points

Sometimes, you don’t know your capabilities in a particular subject until you are faced with a test. However, the WASSCE examination hall is a bad place to discover that you are struggling with a particular subject. You can avoid this situation by practising with WASSCE past questions; this way, you can identify and work on areas you struggle with.

Where can you get past questions in Accra?

Fortunately, getting WASSCE past questions in Accra isn’t a difficult task. Several bookshops sell a compilation of various questions for the previous years, so feel free to consider this. As a tip, invest in questions relating to your subjects to avoid wasting your time and resources.

How to study with WASSCE past questions

The following strategies will help you utilise your past questions effectively.

  • Buy every past question related to your subjects, and dating back a few years.
  • Familiarise yourself with the WASSCE syllabus for each subject.
  • Create a consistent schedule by allocating a specific time daily for each subject and topic.
  • Solve these questions on your own and compare your scores with the solutions to judge your performance.
  • Create a simulation of the actual examination setting by using the same time frame, examination rules, and a quiet environment.
  • Always seek help from your teachers or tutors if you’re struggling with the questions.

Let’s solve your past questions together!

Some challenges can arise when solving past questions, but we are here to help you out. Our seasoned tutors can walk you through the dynamics of solving WASSCE questions while equipping you for success. Feel free to call us +233 (0) 246496813 or Whatsapp us on +233537162405 to register for our weekend classes. You can also send an email to [email protected] for more information.

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